Time to change…

Hey all, I have been very busy outside of photography the past months. With spring coming I feel it is time to refocus on my photography and really start taking things serious again. To this extent, LifeInDigitalFilm is going to be torn down and rebuilt for my needs.

I no longer want LIDF to be a preset site, or even a Lightroom site. In the coming weeks I will be transitioning LIDF from this general purpose mish-mash of olds presets and out-dated how to’s into my personal photography blog… which it was intended to be from the beginning. I just got derailed by presets.

And this bothers me to an extent. I never showcased my photography here, I rarely gave my views on things. I gave stuff away and wrote some photo tutorials. I need this to be about me and my body of work.

As most of you know, I have been doing a lot of work at X-Equals. There I have written a litany of tutorials and have produced what I feel to be the best film emulation option for Lightroom, XeL. XeL represents the culminations of all of my preset efforts. Sorry, XeL is not free, but it has been a lot of work and I deserve to make a little money off my efforts.

So if you want my presets or wish to read my dry, technical writings, hop over to X-Equals. I will still be contributing there and Brandon and myself have a grand vision for where we are going next over there… so stay tuned.

Now, for the gist of my posting today. LIDF will be losing most of its content.  I have been pruning content, and this includes old presets for Lightroom 2. All the presets are gone.

All of them… I really can not believe how many people are still getting my old LR2 presets. They have evolved well past their LIDF incarnations. Its time to move on.

I will be changing themes and deleting the crap. I will keep any old pieces I still find of value, but it is really time to move on.

It is time to share and sell me.


Back Soon – M

  1. I am with you all the way. You should never give away your work. Didn’t I contribute when I downloaded? It was a while ago and I have relied on your film looks time and time again. Am happy to pay to reinstall at this point. I hope your images take over the world. Just leave me a few crumbs so I can continue to make the rent, ok? I will dovetail over to the commercial site and I truly wish you well with your images. Regards and thanks for all of your help in MAKING ME LOOK GOOD!
    Stan S, NYC

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